Björk - Wanderlust


Euan Macleod (b. 1956, Christchurch, New Zealand) - Night Scene (with Headlamp), 2013     Paintings: Acrylics on Linen 

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Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Left, Unsaid

Claude Monet, gardener
In Giverny, Monet created a spectacular garden (1883-1926) that in no way can be compared with the much smaller and above all more conventional garden in Argenteuil nor with the garden in Vétheuil.
In this very special autochrome photograph, the already 81-years old Monet is posing in front of his house (and studio) in Giverny. 

Anonymous, Claude Monet in front of his House at Giverny, 1921. Autochrome, 18 x 24 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris

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James Ward - Gordale Scar (A View of Gordale, in the Manor of East Malham in Craven, Yorkshire, the Property of Lord Ribblesdale). 1812

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Les Chimères or “The Chimaeras”  by Gustave Moreau

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